Guidelines on Feng Shui Decorating

Feng shui decorating guidelines enable us to make a place in harmony with the people living or occupying that space. Decorating may not mean making an area look prettier and nicer. More often, we would find ourselves doing things we might never have thought of doing while decorating.

This kind of decorating means that you make an environment that is conducive for energies to support a specific activity or activities intended for your home. Make sure that before doing any decorating, you have made your place clutter-free. Do ensure that good quality air and light are present in your home. When ready, keep these tips in mind for decorating.

  1. Define your Bagua. Bagua means the energy source of your place. Not unlike a house’s blueprint, the bagua shows you the best colors to use in certain rooms of the house, how to arrange and position furniture in specific areas, etc. The bagua serves as an energy map so that you would know the specific key areas that need work. The bagua will also give you pointers on how to position funiture and other items. high gloss funiture 
  2. Find out the best colors for your home. Each color is an expression of one of the five elements in feng shui. A color guide would help in discovering the appropriate colors that suit your needs and enhance harmony in your home. Colors can be added through through the use of various décor items, wallpaper, pictures or paintings. Colors have a huge impact on your everyday activities. They are nourishing and uplifting. As you absorb more colors throughout your day, the better you will feel.
  3. The third step is to define the right products your home would need. Before buying items, keep it mind that products that do not appeal to you aesthetically will not help. Make a list of what you need and start looking for them according to your tastes. Items would include fountains as a money cure, Buddha images for personal and spiritual growth, and lucky bamboos as a health cure. Know which ones you need from there, you can start applying feng shui decorating guidelines to your homes.
  4. Learn how to position items. Your décor items can serve as powerful feng shui cures. These cures can help in attracting the best energy when placed right. Make sure that the cures you have on hand are placed in the area with the matching energy to the feng shui elements according to the feng shui energy map of the Bagua.

Organizing furniture, items and décor in your home by using feng shui decorating guidelines would be a good idea in order to gain all the positive energy you need for a harmonious life. These guidelines have been used for centuries and it has improved the lifestyle of many others who have chosen this path.

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